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2020 Pet Walk - IS VIRTUAL!!!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our club will be unable to hold our 17th Annual Pet Walk, our flagship fundraiser, IN PERSON and will be transitioning it to a VIRTUAL WALK.  This fundraiser normally raises $8,000-$10,000 and while we understand we will likely not be able to meet this goal, we wanted to contribute to our community in some way. 
As in the past, this fundraiser benefits the Blackstone Valley Municipal Animal Shelter as well as several other Rotary charities.  The BVM Animal Shelter remains in need of donations to keep their doors open and help those animals in need within the Cumberland and Lincoln communities. 
Click the link below to purchase a ticket and a raffle ticket!
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Rotary Meetings!

Our club is continuing to meet via zoom until further notice.  If you are interested in attending a meeting please email Shameem Awan at for the log in information.
Thank you and stay safe!
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District Governor Visit

Posted by Tim Draper on Nov 04, 2019
Today we welcomed District Governor Steve Albright and his wife Jill to lunch.  Steve met with the executive board prior to the meeting where he reviewed the goals for our club in 2019-2020.
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Cumberland Lincoln Rotary Pet Walk

Posted by Shameem Awan on Mar 28, 2018
Join your friends and neighbors on June 2nd (9am Registration and 10am Walk) for a great morning of fun and exercise at The Monastery in Cumberland, RI. Proceeds will benefit Cumberland and Lincoln animal shelters and other Rotary charities.
There will be raffles, a mobile vet and vendor booths.  In addition, Mr. Coffee Cup, a family owned Coffee Truck that serves coffee, pastries, breakfast sandwiches and wraps will be there!  Please support this lovely local business buy purchasing a coffee and/or snacks.
All registrants will receive a complimentary Pet Walk t-shirt, a pet waste bag dispenser (Thank you AMICA Insurance!) and a bandana for each pet! We can only guarantee shirt sizes if we receive your paid registration on or before May 15, 2018.  Registration fee: $15 (Sorry no refunds)
Click the link below for additional details and to purchase your tickets!
**If you plan to use the mobile vet please bring updated copies of all of your pet's veterinary records.**
**Please be mindful of aggressive dogs. We want to maintain a safe and fun walk!**
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Paws Road Show

At Mondays meeting we welcomed Bart Harvey from the Pawtucket Red Sox to discuss the the new stadium project.  He spoke about the mis information regarding the financing of the project.  He demonstrated the viability of the Apex site.  He also gave several examples of minor league stadium projects that have had great success, Toledo Ohio, Duram North Carolina to name a few.  
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Mentor Rhode Island

Posted on Nov 13, 2017
November 13, 2017 - We welcome Jo-Ann Schofield President and CEO of Mentor Rhode Island and Tom Verdi from the Providence Police department we're interested to discuss the benefits of mentoring a child who has no role model to follow.  
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Cumberland-Lincoln Rotary Volunteers at Franklin Farms

Posted on Jul 25, 2016
The Cumberland-Lincoln Rotary Club, Boys and Girls from the YMCA of Pawtucket and the Rotary Interact club volunteered at Franklin Farms on July 25th!  Zucchini, Squash, Eggplant and Cucumbers we some of the vegetables picked.  The vegetables benefit the Northern RI Food Pantry as well as The Food Bank. 
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Dr. Omar K. Siddiqi visits the Cumberland-Lincoln Rotray Club

Dr. Omar Siddiqi spoke to the Cumberland-Lincoln Rotary club about what he is doing to help the people of Zambia.  Dr. Siddiqi is the Director of the Global Neurology program at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and is also an Assistant Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School.  He was an American Academy of Neurology Clinical Research Training Fellow where he completed a study on the etiology of new onset seizures in HIV-infected Zambians. Dr. Siddiqi is currently conducting research evaluating novel diagnostic tests and host susceptibility factors in tuberculous meningitis.

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2016 Cumberland-Lincoln Pet Walk - Preliminary Results

Posted by Shameem Awan on Jun 07, 2016
Our 2016 Pet Walk was a great success with approximately 68 registrants!  We had a beautiful June morning with high energy from all the dogs and everyone who joined us! 
We raised a total of about $9600!  Woohoo!  Monies raised will go to the Cumberland and Lincoln Animal Shelters along with other Rotary Charities.
We'd like to thank all of our generous sponsors, donors, friends and volunteers for their support.
Yours in Rotary
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Northern RI Food Pantry visits C/L Rotary

Jeff Whitfield and Chuck from the Northern RI Food pantry visited the club to explain who the food pantry is and what good work they do in the community.  The pantry has distribution days on the third Saturday of each month.  The all volunteer organization accept, pack and distribute the thousands of pounds of donated food items to members of our community that need a hand.  The pantry is located in the Conway Complex on Nate Whipple Highway.  Volunteers are always welcome as are donations. 
The Northern RI Food Pantry is a 501c3 organization. their website is 
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Visit from the Lt.Governor

Posted on Apr 03, 2016
Lt. Governor going to war for kids education.  
Dan McKee challenges the state do what is right for our kids.  Let's transform education by giving administrators the power to build their systems to be great.  An important discussion ensued about how do we do this.  While we don't have all the solutions the fight for excellent education continues.
Thank you Lt.Governor for your visit.
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CLRC Welcomes New Member

Posted by Timothy Draper on May 11, 2014

   Congratulations to Laura Cabral, AVP / Branch Manager of the Lincoln Coastway Bank Branch for being installed as the newest member of teh Cumberland Lincoln Rotary Club.

Welcome Laura!!


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50 / 50 Story

Posted by Timothy Draper on Dec 01, 2013

ImageIn a not so unprecedented chain of events the 50/50 raffle was finally claimed this week at our meeting. For those who missed it allow me to summarize. Attendance was light (not unexpected) after a fun Club Christmas Party the evening before. Since our Sergeant-At-Arms was home developing the many pictures he took from the night before, The President took matters into his own hands and anointed himself raffle / fine master for the day. The first person to get a ticket for the 50/50 was the loveable Walter Scott who dug deep into his wallet and pulled out 5 crisp new singles and bought 5 tickets. The rest of the club was in shock but clever Walter saw that there were few Rotarians in the room and seized the opportunity to stack the game in his favor.

The time came to pull out a number and the President once again ignored the club and drew out the winning ticket himself. As he was doing so, Past President "Too Nice Bob" cried out "pick my ticket 951" As the president gazed down at the red ticket in his hand, to his amazement, he called out the last three numbers on the ticket "951" Bob had successfully willed his ticket out of the bucket. The members were in amazement at Bob's act of prestidigitation, except one member, Walter. The good Doctor sat forlorn at his little corner of the table realizing his strategy had failed miserably and he was out 4 bucks. Well Bob, in an act of great compassion invited Walter to pick the card out of the deck for him and here is what happened next:

The cards were all spread on the table with care, in hopes that the 7 was actually in there. Walter then reached for the cards on the table, while we all watched closely to see if he was able. Then what to our wondering eyes should appear but the 7 of hearts in Walters hand and on his cheek a small tear. Bob jumped from the table and gave Walter a shout, for choosing the 7 and pulling it out.

Then I heard Bob exclaim as he returned to his spot, Walter you did it my friend, let’s just split the pot!

And so my good friends that’s the whole story, how Walter and good Bob achieved Rotary Glory!!
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Whats new at the RI DMV

Posted by Timothy Draper on Dec 01, 2013
ImageThe Cumberland Lincoln Club was honored with a visit from the Rhode Island Registrar of Motor Vehicles & past member of the club, Tony Silva.  Tony brought his Communications director Deb Rich and spoke at length about what is happening at the DMV.  What was striking for many members is that the DMV is more than Licenses and registrations.  They are responsible for School Bus safety, administering all driving tests and were responsible for more arrests than teh town of Foster.  Tony promises that while everyone in the state will have to make at least one visit to the DMV at least once in their lives, the experience will be significantly better than what you might remember in the past.  PS Thursday at 3:00 is the best time to visit the DMV in Cranston. 
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Posted by Timothy Draper on Dec 01, 2013
ImageCumberland Lincoln Rotary Club makes its annual donation to the Cumberland Lincoln Boys and Girls Club at the December 2nd Meeting. This years Donation was $1,000.  Pictured are Ross Silva, CLBGC Director, Craig Bloomer Executive Director CLBGC & Rotary Club President Tim Draper
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Tony Silva visit

Posted by Select Member on Nov 24, 2013
Tony Silva former member of teh club and current Registrar of Motor vehicles for teh state of RI will be visiting our club on December 6th.
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Happy Basket Donations

Posted by Timothy Draper on Nov 17, 2013
ImageThe Cumberland Lincoln Rotary Club made its annual contribution to the Happy Basket programs in Cumberland and Lincoln.  Pictures accepting the checks are Lincoln Town Administrator Joe Almond, Tom Ward, Leon Drury Director of the Cumberland Senior Center, and Cumberland Mayor Dan McKee. 
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General Treasurer Visit

Posted by Timothy Draper on Nov 17, 2013
ImageThe CL Rotary Club welcomed Rhode Island General Treasurer Gina Raimundo to lunch on November 18th.  She spoke about the accomplishments her office has made during her term in office.  She also spoke about her offices focus on Financial Literacy and all the efforts they have made with partners like EverFI and the Capital Good Fund.  Thanks to Mike Aragao for arranging her visit. 
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Weedfest 2010!

Posted by Robert Spadano on Aug 07, 2010
The Cumberland Lincoln Rotary Club spends the evening of August 2, 2010 at Franklin Farms in Cumberland and best of all No Weeding!
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New Invoices Sent through Website

Posted by Robert Spadano on Jul 20, 2010

Beginning with this billing cycle, 1st quarter of Rotary year 2010-2011, invoices will be generated online and emailed to members.  Please let me (Bob) or our secretary Eric know if this causes any problems.  Payments should continue being sent to the PO box or delivered to our treasurer Michael at the meeting.  Thank you for helping save trees and the cost of postage!

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Welcome to our new website!

Posted by Robert Spadano on Jun 30, 2010
We are all excited to see how ClubRunner will revolutionize the way we manage our day to day club activities, as well as communicate more effectively.
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2010 Installation Dinner

Posted by Robert Spadano on Jun 28, 2010
The Cumberland-Lincoln club gathered Monday night, June 28th, at Faial's Restaurant in Smithfield to celebrate the end of a fantastic Rotary year 2009-10 and to welcome the new officers for the upcoming Rotary year.
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New Garden

Posted by Robert Spadano
Check out the new low maintenance garden at Franklin Farms!
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