ImageIn a not so unprecedented chain of events the 50/50 raffle was finally claimed this week at our meeting. For those who missed it allow me to summarize. Attendance was light (not unexpected) after a fun Club Christmas Party the evening before. Since our Sergeant-At-Arms was home developing the many pictures he took from the night before, The President took matters into his own hands and anointed himself raffle / fine master for the day. The first person to get a ticket for the 50/50 was the loveable Walter Scott who dug deep into his wallet and pulled out 5 crisp new singles and bought 5 tickets. The rest of the club was in shock but clever Walter saw that there were few Rotarians in the room and seized the opportunity to stack the game in his favor.

The time came to pull out a number and the President once again ignored the club and drew out the winning ticket himself. As he was doing so, Past President "Too Nice Bob" cried out "pick my ticket 951" As the president gazed down at the red ticket in his hand, to his amazement, he called out the last three numbers on the ticket "951" Bob had successfully willed his ticket out of the bucket. The members were in amazement at Bob's act of prestidigitation, except one member, Walter. The good Doctor sat forlorn at his little corner of the table realizing his strategy had failed miserably and he was out 4 bucks. Well Bob, in an act of great compassion invited Walter to pick the card out of the deck for him and here is what happened next:

The cards were all spread on the table with care, in hopes that the 7 was actually in there. Walter then reached for the cards on the table, while we all watched closely to see if he was able. Then what to our wondering eyes should appear but the 7 of hearts in Walters hand and on his cheek a small tear. Bob jumped from the table and gave Walter a shout, for choosing the 7 and pulling it out.

Then I heard Bob exclaim as he returned to his spot, Walter you did it my friend, let’s just split the pot!

And so my good friends that’s the whole story, how Walter and good Bob achieved Rotary Glory!!